If you would like to setup free shipping for self collect, then do either one of the following:


Now assuming that you have done so, what you need to do next is simply go to your shipping settings...

On the shipping settings page...


After you click the edit icon to edit a specific zone, click the add shipment method button

On the Shipping Methods page select "Self Collect"

And then click on the "Add Shipping Method" button.

And now you will see a new shipping method which is "Self Collect" added to the zone. Now you would need to rename this to something easier for your customers to follow... like for example: Self Collect at Woodlands MRT

To do so click on the Edit icon for the Self Collect shipping method.

And then rename it to something to reflect your chosen self collection point like so...

Then click on the save changes button to save this edit.

And you will see the shipping method renamed.

Now...whenever someone were to check out they will see this option for self collect.

IMPORTANT!: Do note that if you're using Flat rate region based delivery settings in your shipping settings, you would need to repeat the steps above for the rest of the shipping Zones.