In this article we will be covering on

  1. How to access the shipping section for vendors
  2. Different scenarios in setting up your shipping or delivery amount.

IMPORTANT! You will need to set the shipping settings in order to list your products and or services as:

  • Add a product to sell on the site (a commission can be taken)

  • Add a product without adding a price to get price requests from customers

Without setting up the shipping, your customers will not be able to checkout and will have "This item does not ship to your location"

To go to the shipping settings section, assuming you are already logged in,

Simply open the navigation panel and scroll down until you see a "Dashboard" link.

Clicking on that will bring you to the Vendor Dashboard

In your dashboard, click on the hamburger button again to bring up the navigation panel again. Then scroll down to the bottom of the navigation panel and click the Shipping Settings link.

This will then bring you to the shipping settings section.

In the shipping sections you can set your shipping or delivery methods based on these common basic scenarios:

  1. Flat rate islandwide delivery. Click here to view

  2. Flat rate region based delivery settings. Click here to view