In this article we will be discussing on how you can set your shipping settings for Flat rate islandwide delivery settings. This will enable a flat delivery amount to be added automatically when your customer selects this option when checking out.

IMPORTANT! You will need to set the shipping settings ONLY IF you are listing your products and or services as:

  • Add a product to sell on the site (a commission can be taken)

  • Add a product without adding a price to get price requests from customers

If you are only going to list your all your products as ordinary products then you may skip this tutorial.

Assuming that you are already in the shipping settings section, first you will need to add shipping zone by adding the "Add Shipping Zone" button

It will then bring you to the Add Shipping Zone page. You can fill up the zone name as below and select Asia as your region.

And then you can go ahead selecting Singapore as your country.

Afterwhich you can select "All Regions" for anywhere in Singapore.

After doing the above, simply click on the "Select Region" button.

You can now see "Singapore" as your region. And the next step would be to click on the "Add Shipping Method" button

Then select "Flat Rate" from the drop down window selection and click "Add Shipping Method" button

Next you will need to click on the "edit" icon in the new shipping method row as below:

And then select a cost calculation type from the drop down selection.

Next you will need to specify the flat rate shipping cost and make sure the "enable" radio selecion is checked. Click anywhere in the greyed area to save and exit this window.

You will then see something as below. Click the submit button to save this shipping zone.

And there you have it.

Now whenever a customer used this shipping option, anywhere in Singapore they will see the flat rate delivery option like so: